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Videos & WebsitesA-La Carte Services

VisionEars Editor, Mikael Myggen working with Client, Simon Fox

Click below to view Video Production Samples:

Online Program Trailer (3:00)

From “Oxygen for Caregivers” online program. All videography, editing, special effects, graphics and original music by VisionEars. Co-produced with Simon Fox, Adventures in Caring Foundation.

Fitness Promo (6:00)

All videography, editing, special effects, graphics and music by VisionEars.

The Adventures in Caring Story (15:00)

VisionEars has been the sole video producer for Adventures in Caring Foundation for many years. Here is their amazing & heartfelt story.

Original Music Video (4:30)

All videography, editing, special effects and song produced by Bent Myggen for the town of Los Olivos.

Wild Horse Rescue (10:00)

Making visible the bond that can exist between humans and horses was the goal of this short video produced by VisionEars for the Return to Freedon Wild Horse Sanctuary – in Lompoc, Ca.

Visual Meditation with Music (3:00)

Got 3 minutes? Got headphones? even better… Let yourself experience flight. No fake clouds, no special effects, just life.  Music by Bent.

Video Productions & Websites  


From simple video-clips to full blown documentaries with original music, we have the experience, equipment and heart to create videos that touch and connect.

We also build or upgrade websites, designed with video and media in mind. 

Turnkey Video Production

From idea, through scripting, shooting, editing, animation, sound-scaping and scoring we translate good ideas into more than sight and sound.

We use late technology, but connect on a human level (see examples (left) on this page).

Ideal for websites and YouTube.

Winner: National Freddie Award for our Healthcare Documentary, “Communicating with Compassion

Original Music Production

The “secret” ingredient of our productions is sound and music.

Resident composer, singer/songwriter, editor and producer, Bent Myggen has composed and produced hundreds of tracks for movies, TV and radio such as the theme song for the Burt Reynolds’ film “Hooper” (listen below in “Songs for Films”).

Click below to hear Music Samples

Songs for Films


Film Music


Website Production

Visionears will create or update – and maintain your website. 

We make targeted, functional, and beautiful websites like the one you are on right now. We also give you full control once we’ve finished developing your site. Changes and modifications will be easy to make in the future.

While many now rely on automated web services when looking to make a website, they soon realize it is not so easy to change or modify pre-fab designs.

Integrating with social media, building newsletters, creating and managing blogs and podcasts, all these things quickly get complicated.  We build sites that are flexible and expandable, and you can add or change text and images yourself without having to contact us for every little detail.

Hence (we love that word) we build, host and keep running your website according to how little or much you want to be involved.

Click for more info:

Experience Counts


 Bent Myggen and Visionears (formally Win/Win Productions) have produced film, video and original music for clients such as Warner Brothers, Estee Lauder and United Nations, as well as entrepreneurs, practitioners, doctors, inventors,  speakers, midwives and firefighters – just to name a few.   We’ve made travel videos, filmed medical procedures, produced on-line learning programs, told stories, filmed commercials and produced award winning documentaries – all with original music.  

We know what communicates – and how to reach through the “digital filter”.  
In short, we create heart-felt productions.

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What makes VisionEars so special?

Most production companies are started by visual artists – learning about sound as they go. Bent Myggen was a musician, composer and sound engineer first, then drawn to videography and editing.  

We believe that while the picture speaks to the logic side of our brains, sound – and music in particular – governs emotion and is key to viewer engagement.

Sight and sound are our most dominating senses – and the skilful coordination of these two elements is The Art of Production.

Why use video for websites?

The attention-span of the average web-surfer we expect to be from 3 to 14 seconds when it comes to clicking on a video-link and deciding weather to stay on – or not.

What could you possibly say in such a short time? You’d be surprised. 

The goal of a video – and web-videos in particular – is to create curiosity, to open doors, establish common ground, give credibility, inspire or attract.  The power of video does not lie in detailing large columes of information, but rather in creating an experience of something or someone the viewer can relate to.

In the end, your audience may forget everything that was said during a video, but be left with a feeling of either “yes” or “no”. Audio-visual artistry is an essential component.  You may have to see it to believe it, but you gotta feel it to sign up.

Can I use my own footage or media?

We can use any kind of media, including yours, in the editing process. We can stabilize footage, enhance stills, even remove skin blemishes. There are still limits – we can’t improve bad sound much and footage shot with old cameras will not look much better than it did back when. Still, anything shot with an up-to-date Iphone or Android – and reasonably steady – will probably do quite nicely. Note: If you plan to shoot footage using said devices, do use landscape – not vertical – mode.

What kind of production experience do we have?

From starting with film and magnetic tape in Denmark, moving to Hollywood, working in the film and music industry, getting into video, then digital memory, then non-linear editing, our producer, Bent Myggen has extensive experience in all kinds of production techniques.  Still, it is his abilities to interview and edit, bringing out the human element that defines VisionEars.

What about that award?

Out production “Communicating with Compassion” won a national “Freddie” as best medical training video in 2004.  Picture from left to right: Simon and Karen Fox, and Producer, Bent Myggen at the gala event. 

How much do we charge?
  • For walk-in with your own material, scanning/digitizing photos, video and audio editing, we charge  $60.00 for the first hour, then $50.00/hr.
  • For website building we can give you a flat rate, or work by the hour ($30.00) after clarifying the scope, elements of your project.
  • For Turn-Key Productions we can give a flat rate after meeting and getting into details about locations, look, elements, etc.

See the menu: “A-La Carte” for more examples.

(805) 452 9526

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